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New! The Safe Harbor Medical Mystery series 

#1: The Case of the Questionable Quadruplet

#2 The Case of the Surly Surrogate

#3 The Case of the Desperate Doctor

#4 The Case of the Long-Lost Lover

"I love the characters and stories in the Safe Harbor Series. I worked in OB for over 25 years as an RN and I have to say your books are very medically correct as well as addictive!"

--Reader Laurie Smith Bodshaug, on Facebook

(quoted with permission)

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Books 1-3: The Would-Be Mommy, His Hired Baby, The Holiday Triplets 

Safe Harbor Medical® Romances

by Jacqueline Diamond

Note: as rights revert to the author from the original publisher, the books are being reissued with new covers. Please don't be confused by this change! Print copies are only available in used editions, for now.

In Southern California, a former community hospital is remodeled to specialize in complicated pregnancies and the best of modern obstetrical care. A new fertility program is launched, then an egg donor bank, then a men's fertility program. The hospital brings in distinguished--and sometimes arrogant--doctors from across the country, along with specialized nurses, an embryologist and other medical professionals.

These are stories of people falling in love amidst the drama of a hospital. Each book stands alone, with its own hero and heroine, but there are continuing characters and interwoven storylines for readers to enjoy as well. For fans of Grey's Anatomy, this is a treat--love and scandal, along with people forming families, with now and then a touch of mystery.

"I draw on my longtime interest in medicine, my personal experiences--from having a father who was a doctor, to undergoing infertility treatments myself--and research into the latest developments in fertility care," says Jacqueline Diamond, the author of more than 100 published novels. "I always aim to keep things a little different and fresh. I even interviewed an egg donor, a nurse herself who generously answered all my questions. It was fascinating!"

Book One: The Would-Be Mommy. Due to a mistake in the press, babies for adoption flood Safe Harbor Medical Center.  Publicist Jennifer Serra is falling in love—but does her heart have room for a tiny girl and a troublesome reporter? Buy for: Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iTunes or Apple. Or on Smashwords, GooglePlay.

Book Two: His Hired Baby. When widowed mother Kate Evans agreed to be a surrogate mom for hospital attorney Tony Franco, neither suspected his wife was about to jump ship. Now he’s her labor coach, and she’s giving him daddy lessons. Buy on Smashwords or for Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iTunes or Apple. GooglePlay.

Book Three: The Holiday Triplets. Fiery pediatrician Samantha Forrest, unable to have kids, leaps at the chance to adopt triplets. Hospital director Mark Rayburn knows his troublemaker-in-chief is in over her head—but when he comes to the rescue, her impulsive nature endangers the hospital's plans and their Christmas celebration. Buy for: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, GooglePlay or Smashwords.



Books 4-6: Officer Daddy, Falling for the Nanny,

 The Surgeon's Surprise Twins

Book Four: Officer Daddy. Officer Leo Franco, meet Dr. Nora Kendall. She’s seeking a man to father her baby. He’s just looking for a good time. Yet when you meet at a wedding, it’s hard to avoid getting romantic. Buy for: Kindle, Kobo, Nook or iTunes. Or on Smashwords. New: GooglePlay.

Book Five: Falling for the Nanny. Twelve years ago, embryologist Alec Denny broke his girlfriend Patty’s heart. Now she’s a private investigator and he needs her help—to pose as a nanny and keep his little girl safe. Winner of a Cataromance Reviewer's Choice Award, finalist for a Romantic Times award. Buy for: Kindle, Kobo, Nook or iTunes. Or order on Smashwords. New: GooglePlay.

Book Six: The Surgeon’s Surprise Twins. He’s an arrogant, renowned surgeon who arrives in California to launch a prestigious fertility program. She’s a “mere” nurse serving as a surrogate mother who’s  about to teach him lessons in love, humility and, oh yes, paternity. Cataromance called this “Another must-read from a master storyteller.” Buy for Kindleor Nook. Or order from Smashwords, Kobo or iTunes. New: GooglePlay.


Books 7-9: The Detective's Accidental Baby, The Baby Dilemma,

The M.D.'s Secret Daughter

Book Seven: The Detective’s Accidental Baby. Nurse Erica Benford has no interest in babies. Then an impulsive affair with a detective leads to an unplanned pregnancy – along with the discovery that the man she trusted is secretly investigating her.Winner: CataRomance Reviewer's Choice Award. Buy for: Kindle. Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords or Nook. New: GooglePlay.

Book Eight: The Baby Dilemma. Dr. Paige Brennan chose to become pregnant through artificial insemination. If only she’d known she was going to fall for her new housemate, detective Mike Aaron, who doesn’t want kids. And whose profile sure sounds a lot like her sperm donor's. Buy for Kindle, Nook, or on Smashwords, Kobo or ITunes. New: GooglePlay.

Book Nine: The M.D.’s Secret Daughter. Eight years ago, Dr. Zack Sargent betrayed his fiancée’s trust. Nurse Jan Garcia left, keeping their unborn daughter a secret. Now she’s back at Safe Harbor with the little girl, but can she and Zack learn to trust again? Buy for Kindle, Nook or on Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes. GooglePlay.



Books 10-12: The Baby Jackpot, His Baby Dream, 

The Surprise Holiday Dad


Book Ten: The Baby Jackpot. One of the world’s foremost experts on male fertility, Dr. Cole Rattigan didn’t mean to predict the coming end of the human race, but the media insists he did. When a birthday celebration with his favorite nurse defies the odds, their unplanned parenthood—times three—is front page news!  Winner: CataRomance Reviewer's Choice Award. Buy: Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play or Smashwords.

Book Eleven: His Baby Dream. This mom’s on a special list...with a big surprise in store! Dedicated to raising her cute little girl alone, nurse Harper signed up to donate life to a family. She has no idea she’s been secretly chosen from the egg donor list by a single guy... a very sexy one! Order: Kindle, Kobo, Apple, GooglePlay, Smashwords or Nook.

Book Twelve: The Surprise Holiday Dad. After her sister’s death, obstetrician Adrienne Cavill expects to adopt her beloved nephew. But the little boy’s dad, a private detective, isn’t the deadbeat she believed. He returns to claim his son…and her heart. Order for Kindle. Kobo, iBooks or Nook.




Books 13-15: A Baby for the Doctor, The Surprise Triplets, 

The Baby Bonanza

Book Thirteen: A Baby for the Doctor. A drop-dead handsome surgeon must win over the one woman who refuses to be impressed: the nurse carrying his baby and determined to give it up for adoption. Order for Kindle, Kobo, iBooks or Nook.

Book Fourteen: The Surprise Triplets. Fertility counselor Melissa’s marriage to attorney Edmond Everhart broke up when he refused to have a child. Now he’s back with custody of his niece and a new attitude—only to find that she’s pregnant with triplets. Order for Kindle. iBooks, Kobo or Nook.

Book Fifteen: The Baby Bonanza. March, 2015. Since becoming housemates, medical colleagues and former enemies Luke (Lucky) Mendez, a male nurse, and Zora Raditch, an ultrasound technician, have been increasingly attracted to each other. But can he love her and the twins she’s bearing for another man? Order for iBooks, Kobo, Nook or Kindle.



Books 16-17: The Doctor's Accidental Family, The Would-Be Daddy

Book Sixteen: The Doctor's Accidental Family. September, 2015. She’s a nurse tired of bossy men and rude kids. He’s a doctor with a needy toddler and an offer she can’t refuse: free rent in exchange for occasional babysitting. Except that she works for his hated cousin, and with a battle brewing between them, where should her loyalties lie? Order for Kindle, Kobo or Nook.

Book Seventeen: The Would-Be Daddy. February, 2016. He’s a perfectionist surgeon, she’s a fiery psychologist. When it comes to love and family, they’re total opposites. What will happen now that she’s carrying his baby? Order for Kindle, Kobo or Nook.  

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Praise for the Safe Harbor Medical series

The Would-Be Mommy is the perfect book for any romance readers, especially ones that enjoy a good medical romance read.

-- Marissa Dobson, 

The journey to their “happily ever after” is not easy and moral issues and promises must be broached with credibility as only the gifted Jacqueline Diamond can in His Hired Baby.

--Donna Zapf, 

The Holiday Triplets: As with the other Safe Harbor Medical books, the characters come to life.

--Michele Schram 

There's a mystery in Officer Daddy that adds another dimension to the story.

--Tracy Farnsworth, 

Falling for the Nanny: This riveting story is funny, warm and surprisingly suspenseful.

--Pat Cooper, Romantic Times 

The Surgeon’s Surprise Twins: This novel was fantastic!  It is captivating right from the beginning.

--Jane Eliot, Night Owl Reviews 

The Detective’s Accidental Baby: Ms. Diamond wows her fans with this next book in her Safe Harbor Medical series… I would highly recommend this story to other readers.

-- Diana Coyle, Night Owl Reviews

The Baby Dilemma: I have a few guilty pleasures, very dark chocolate and Jacqueline Diamond's Safe Harbor Medical romance series...I lounged in bed reading The Baby Dilemma this morning thinking that there is nothing better in the world than a lazy morning with a good book. Jackie Diamond does a great job.

--Tracy Farnsworth,

The M.D.'s Secret Daughter is a delightful tale.

--Michele Schram

Well known author Jacqueline Diamond is a gifted writer that captures the reader and the twist to His Baby Dream makes it a definite must read.

--Donna Zapf,

The Surprise Holiday Dad: I really liked this novel with its main & secondary characters, which made me very interested in this series! I recommend it to those who like contemporary romances!

--Jess Olsen Faulkingham, FromMetoYou

The Baby Bonanza is a must read. For readers who like to see folks overcome incredible personal hardships, who enjoy tender moments and families reuniting and all the good stuff rainbows are made of after the storm, then this is the book to grab. It’s a winner.

-- Xeranthemum, LongandShortReviews

Recipes From Books 13 & 14

In A Baby for the Doctor, obstetrician Jack Ryder cooks for a household of friends to persuade nurse Anya Meeks that he has the patience and domestic skills to be a good father. Here are four recipes mentioned in the story. The salmon recipe was generously shared by Jackie's sister-in-law, wedding planner Myrna Hyman. The other three are adaptations of recipes from various sources (sorry, Jackie didn't keep track of the origins because she never expected to use them in a book).

Myrna Hyman’s Salmon


1-2 pounds of salmon

marinate 2-3 hours in lime juice

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Mix together:

1/4 cup apricot preserves

1/3 teaspoon horseradish

garlic salt

2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

Spread over salmon.

Bake at 375 degrees, uncovered, for about 20 minutes.

Lentils and Bulgur Wheat

Olive oil

1 chopped onion

1/2 cup bulgur wheat

1/4 cup lentils, rinsed

2 cups chicken or vegetable bouillon

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp cayenne or red pepper flakes

1/2 cup walnut pieces

1/2 cup chopped dried apricots or prunes 

In a pot, lightly toast the bulgur, lentils and onions in oil for a few minutes, then add the bouillon and spices. Bring to a boil, then simmer, covered, until the liquid is absorbed, about 20 minutes. Stir in the nuts and fruit.

Peanut Butter Pasta Sauce

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tablespoons rice vinegar

3 tablespoons soy sauce

1/2 cup chicken or vegetable bouillon

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

1/4 teaspoon cayenne or red pepper flakes

1 teaspoon grated or ground ginger

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 pound pasta 

Cook pasta in boiling water until done.

In a sauce pan, combine the other ingredients. Stir with a whisk and simmer 3-4 minutes until thickened and smooth. Serve over pasta.

Angel-Hair Pasta With Wine and Onions

3 onions, chopped

2 garlic cloves, diced

1/3  cup of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon cayenne or red pepper flakes

1/2 cup of red wine

1 pound angel hair spaghetti or other pasta, cooked in salted water

In a large pot, sauté the garlic, onions and cayenne in olive oil until slightly brown. Add wine and cook on high heat, stirring often, until the liquid is reduced. Remove from heat.

Before draining the pasta, take one-half cup of the salty pasta water and add it to the onion mixture. Drain the spaghetti and toss with onion mixture.

The Surprise Triplets includes references to two additional recipes, one for peanut butter fried chicken and the other for Mediterranean muffins. Here are links to these recipes: 

Recipe for Peanut Butter Fried Chicken 

Recipe for Mediterranean Muffins

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