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Will an old house claim another victim? Young widow Sharon moves with her 7-year-old son into an old rooming house, where she’s drawn to ex-cop Ian. But Ian, a gifted artist, is obsessed with painting the woman his grandfather murdered — who looks exactly like Sharon. Buy: Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, GooglePlay


An amulet sends her back in time... and into danger! Jana wishes to go back six years, before she met the rogue she impulsively married. But she finds herself in the arms of the same man, who's using another name and  involved in a scheme that could get them both killed. Buy: Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Googleplay or Smashwords

Someone lured a sheikh to Jenny’s doorstep and killed him. Then his brother arrives to avenge his death. But instead of a temptress, Zahad finds a woman protecting herself and her small daughter. And Jenny meets a hardened warrior whose heart has never before been touched. Buy: Kindle. Kobo, Apple, Smashwords, Nook


He didn’t know he had a son... with a mother who might be a killer. But Joni and the boy are in danger, and she desperately needs his help. How will he react when he learns the truth about their son? And can they stop whoever is closing in on Joni? Buy: Kindle, 

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Samples of mysteries, romantic suspense, thrillers and fantasy!

Enjoy selections from nine novels. An artist discovers  she was stolen as a child from a different universe... A woman is sent back in time to the wrong man—or is he the right one? And much more!


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Four stunning tales of the supernatural. From Gothic romance to supernatural suspense, from high fantasy to an invasion from a parallel universe, these full-length books provide nonstop thrills. Don't miss this bargain priced collection of four complete novels! Order for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, or Smashwords



She'll do whatever it takes to prove herself! Unfairly fired from her reporting job, Alli sets out to expose an illegal adoption and blackmail ring. But she needs a pretend husband, and why not sexy ex-cop Kevin? Then the bullets start flying. Is there safety in his arms, or greater danger? Buy: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords. Apple

Can he save his family? Security expert Jack comes running to protect his estranged wife, Casey, from a stalker — and is stunned to find he's a father-to-be. "Just the right amount of suspense to make it a delightful, satisfying read... will keep you on the edge of your seat." --Elisabeth Anders, Romance Reviews Today. Buy: Kindle. Nook.

With a baby on the way and her husband dead after being accused of a crime, Linda turns to an old friend for support. Then, on their wedding day, the husband she still loves —but barely knows —returns to spirit her away. Can she trust his story that he was framed and help him thwart a killer? Buy: Kindle. Nook, Kobo, SmashwordsApple  


He’s come to claim his child. Holly had no idea her late sister’s baby belonged to Sheikh Sharif Al-Khalil. Now he’s demanding custody —and pursued by deadly enemies from his homeland, who've suddenly become her enemies, too. Buy: Kindle. Nook. 

A serial bomber is plaguing their town. Bomb squad specialist Nora Keyes and arson investigator Sam Prophet are both on the same hunt, but not on the same team. Yet it will take both of them to capture their enemy before he kills them! Buy: Kindle

Erin can’t remember saying “yes” to her fiancé. When her old flame, officer Joseph Lowery, senses something amiss with the heiress, he risks his badge and his life to save her. Together, they must uncover the truth— if they can stay alive long enough! Buy:

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