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Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances

Three sisters in their fifties—a doctor, a nurse administrator and an artist—tackle career challenges, find love and cut through the tangled past that has kept them apart. "Jacqueline Diamond writes stories from the heart with a wisdom and tenderness that remain long after the final page."--NY Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber.


Really? At Your Age? by Jacqueline Diamond. Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances #1, Is it too late for her dreams to come true? At 52, Dr. Cody is finally ready to find love. But what about her half dozen frozen embryos?  Buy: Kindle. Kobo. Nook. Smashwords. Googleplay, Apple.


Don't Be Silly! At My Age? by Jacqueline Diamond. Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances #2

At 54, the nurse doesn’t believe in love but she’s writing a romance. At 60, the novelist is happy to teach her about more than just storytelling... 

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Going Home, At Your Age? Her hidden past is about to explode! Sara returns to her hometown for Christmas to face her estranged sisters—and the man she left behind—with a stunning secret. The baby she gave up for adoption years ago is having her own baby, and wants her to be the grandma! Kindle  Nook  Smashwords  Googleplay  Kobo  Apple


My Trashy Romance by Terry Black. Amiable librarian Kelly Sharpe is unlucky in love. Then she has a surprising encounter with Marty Brower, her trash man... who’s got a troubling secret. Cover design by Bethany Barnette. Buy: Kindle.


Half-Baked by Kristy Tate.

When health food nut Stephen Fox opens a café across the street from Maggie's bakery and steals her customers, it's war! Cover design by Bethany Barnette. Buy: Kindle


Her Last Mission by Michelle Knowlden. Sandra’s brother is missing. Her secret mission offers a second chance with the man she’s secretly loved for decades—if she doesn’t unveil him as a traitor! Cover design by Bethany Barnette. Buy: Kindle.



Where You Go, I Go by Beth Black. When Bonnie's daughters put her in a nursing facility, she thinks her life is over. But a daring escape and a wild ride on a bicycle-built-for-two prove that her life is open to new chapters and love is sometimes ... better late! Cover design by Bethany Barnette. Buy: Kindle.

Little Star by Michael H. Payne. She’s a thief who rescues stolen artwork. He’s a small-town clerk who’s sure she’s up to no good. Thrown together, Darby and Todd must confront villainous treasure hunters and their own growing attraction to find a treasure before it vanishes. Buy: Kindle.


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