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Better Late! Romances

Readers have asked why there aren't more romance novels featuring seasoned lovers. Well, now, there are!

Jacqueline Diamond and a group of fellow authors have written romantic comedies featuring couples over age 50. Set in the fictional town of Rancho Allegro, California, the novels share a light-hearted tone, an earthquake and satisfying love stories! Read about how this collection came to be!

Many are free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. 


Really? At Your Age? by Jacqueline Diamond.

Introductory price: 99 cents! 

After life has kept them apart for decades, can a couple in their fifties find a path to love? When a quake rattles their small town, Dr. Cody Matchett and hospital attorney Ben Wright are both jolted into rethinking their life choices. That includes their long-simmering attraction, and the fate of half a dozen frozen embryos. Is Cody ready to become a mom at age 52? Then there’s the matter of choosing a surrogate... who just might be Ben’s grown daughter! Cover design by Bethany Barnette. Buy: Kindle. Free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


My Trashy Romance by Terry Black.

Amiable librarian Kelly Sharpe is unlucky in love. After a series of near-misses, she’s surprised when romance blossoms from the unlikeliest of sources – Marty Brower, her trash man, a former stockbroker who left Wall Street for a simpler life. But Marty’s got a troubling secret, which could trash their relationship – unless Kelly can help him to face his past. Cover design by Bethany Barnette. Buy: Kindle.


Half-Baked by Kristy Tate.

Maggie Milne has everything she needs, including a loving family and a successful bakery. But when health food nut Stephen Fox opens a café across the street and some of Maggie’s loyal customers begin to replace their morning donuts with gluten-free grub, Maggie’s ire, as well as her yeasty rolls, begins to rise. Cover design by Bethany Barnette. Buy: Kindle


Her Last Mission by Michelle Knowlden

In this fast-paced romantic comedy, Sandra Baak’s twin brother is missing and her handler has a secret mission for her. It involves mistaken identities, corporate spies, and a second chance with the man she’s secretly loved for decades—if she doesn’t have to unveil him as a traitor! Cover design by Bethany Barnette. Buy: Kindle.



Where You Go, I Go by Beth Black.


Little Star by Michael H. Payne.


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